Elon Musk and his team managed to get to Mars, now they have a lot of work to do to develop the planet.

SPX contract address


Elon Mars is a farming simulation game in which you have to develop your land on mars. You will need to extract resources, develop your farm and much more to survive on this planet. The better you develop your land, the more resources and in-game currency Gbacks you get.

Elon mars is game based on the binance blockchai.
The game uses two tokens spx and busd. your main task is to get 
the in-game currency gbaks in-game currency can be exchanged for spx token.
your game account is your metamask wallet.

Tokens are received automatically using a smart contract.

Read our 🕮Whitepaper

If you are ready to start playing, be sure to read our whitepaper where you will find all the necessary information on the game and functionality.

Q4 2022

  •  Brand formation.
  •  Development  game mechanics.
  •  Website launch.
  •  Game development.
  •  Adding web3 features.

Q1 2023

  • Smart contract.
  • SPX token launch.
  • Game and smart contract testing.
  • Social media launch.
  • Game release. 

Q2 2023

  • Global update 2.0. 
  • Mars City update, multiplayer.
  • Custom and adding visual settings.

  • Nft collection.
  • New updates, SC features.




Bernard Gilbert

  Elon Mars CEO
Web3 developer
Crypto enthusiast

Darren Harris
Web2, Web3 developer
Participated in development many crypto games and apps

Kevin Young
Full stack developer,

Michael Adamson
Artist, designer
Creator many nft collections